Tesla UK design 3 evaluation Follow-up: Why It’s Not As great As It Was A Year back

Jul 17, 2022 category

On this day last year I chosen up my design 3.

A few months later I composed almost five as well as a half thousands words on the car. So, after my very first full year in the Tesla, is it still as great as it seemed in that evaluation 12 months ago.

Tja, nej. since it’s BETTER.

OTA Updates

Better since of the enhancements as well as new features that just keep coming with every over the air software application update.

As an example, the developed in dash cam previously employed 3 cameras as well as had no playback facility. now it’s utilizing a 4th video camera as well as enables you to view clips on the vehicles screen.

Speaking of the screen, last Autumns huge v10 update added Netflix as well as YouTube support so you’re never tired while waiting in the car.

Voice manage got a huge update as well as after a false begin or two it’s now possible to set off numerous actions by speech, from opening the glovebox to the ‘My butt is cold’ command.

There’s likewise been a major update to the regen system that implies the cars and truck now has an even much more smart one-pedal driving setup, best down to 0mph.

Auto pilot is now recognising web traffic lights, cones, stop indications as well as road markings as it establishes with each new release.


Tesla’s ‘Battery Day’ has been pushed out to September now as well as it’s commonly rumoured that this will be utilized to introduce the new ‘million mile’ battery pack version of the car.

There haven’t been numerous (any?) major hardware updates that I understand of in the last year. It would definitely be great to see the design 3 acquire the warm pump from the design Y.

Winter Driving

Speaking of the lack of a warm pump, that was visible over the winter. It wasn’t a especially chilly one however the variety still suffered. I never truly got it on a respectable run to test the cars and truck correctly in chilly weather.

In truth the last 3,000 miles or so have practically solely been short runs of less than 5 miles which are of program extremely inefficient. I’d state on these short journeys, pre-heating the cars and truck from its battery as well as then driving with the heater on full blast, in the chilly as well as wet, the variety might get down to around 140 miles.

1st Year Costs

With the cars and truck barely travelling any type of distance over the last 3 months of lock down it has covered just 6,755 miles in its very first year at 287 Wh/mile. That implies that missing out on all that warmer spring / summertime driving the cars and truck has averaged 3.5 miles per kWh. I feel it would have been much more like 4.0 in a typical year.

Using £0.17 per system that corresponds to £330 for the entire years ‘fuel’, or around 4.8p per mile. In truth it’s less than that as I’ve availed of the (still) totally free public charger network in northern Ireland. likewise when we’re into the new home as well as on a night time rate for charging, that will decrease to much more like 2.5p per mile.

I, like numerous other owners, composed to my MP over the £320 road tax (VED) that was to be paid on the design 3. While the replies were all strikingly similar as well as dismissive, the message should have got with since at the last budget plan this was reversed as well as now the design 3 costs £0.00 per year. as well as that implies a significant £1,600 saving over years 2 to 6.

My second years insurance coverage premium has just been paid as well as is the exact same as last year to the cent at £360.64 (the leaf was over £400). I’ve started paying the £9.99 per month for the ‘Premium Connectivity’ so my SR+ has the exact same maps, streaming music as well as video services as the long variety as well as performance design 3s.


Of the gripes I had with the cars and truck in the original review, it still “regularly shits itself as well as jumps on the brakes” as I put it back then. This continues to be the most frustrating element of ownership for me. I like to put cruise on in 30 as well as 40 mph zones as well as the cars and truck commonly jumps on the brakes for bit or no reason.

The door handles still confuse everybody however the car wipers have had a major software application update as well as work much much better now.

The most significant new problem I’ve had with the cars and truck lately is its loss of LTE / 4G connection. This occurs progressively on a regular basis as well as can last for as much as a day at a time. With the excellent news that Belfast is getting its own Tesla service Centre soon, at least it will be simpler to take in for a check.

I cannot believe of any type of other problems truly that are significant. as well as I’m delighted to report there are still no squeaks or rattles in the car.

NI Superchargers #Nope

Thanks to the all the people that purchased a Tesla with my referral link (mark40609) I had 20,000 totaLly Free Supercharger Miles. Men utan en enda superladdare i Nordirland, njuter jag av dem långsamt utan att kunna använda dem.

Förhoppningsvis innebär utvecklingen på Belfast Service Center också superladdaren nära Lisburn som har visat på deras karta som “kommer snart” i ett antal år nu kommer snart att följa.


Det är bara 8 år tillbaka den här månaden som Tesla började tillhandahålla sin allra första volymbil, designen S. Teslas andelekostnad toppade en vecka eller två tillbaka samt gjorde det till de viktigaste bilarna och lastbiltillverkaren i världen. Mycket viktigare än Mercedes-Benz, BMW, samt Volkswagen sätter ihop. Utvecklingen har varit fantastisk såväl som bara en lysande full av blind optimism samt rasande drivkraft för att bli framgångsrik kan ha dragit av den.

Det är en kliché men det är sant att säga att köra en kolvbilar och lastbil efter en Tesla känns som att gå från din iPhone tillbaka till en Nokia. När jag läser tillbaka över min utvärdering ett år på, har mina känslor inte modifiering så bra som jag inte kan förbättra på min ursprungliga slutlinje sedan dess.

Tesla Design 3 är inte perfekt. Hur jävla det är nära. [Uppdatering – Kolla in 24 -månadersuppdateringen]



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